Moving already…

Ok so I’ve had a blogger blog before, but I wanted to try out WordPress because I’ve heard a lot about it and it looked cool…

Only took me about a week to realize I was WRONG!!!

So I’ve got back to blogger…..

Please direct your attention to my new blog from now on:

It’s better and cooler 🙂


This man

So I have to say, I love this man:

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He’s my best friend, the love of my life…and the best husband on earth!!!!

I really don’t know what I would do without him. He really is my knight in shining armour.

We’ve been married 49 days now and it’s been WONDERFUL!!!

He takes care of me

He teaches me

He leads me

He loves me despite me being very unlovable at times

I praise God every day that I have him and I know that, someday, he will make an amazing dad to out children!!


No Title…

Ok so I haven’t blogged in awhile and to be honest it’s because my blog just isn’t cute lol I don’t really have a lot of inspiration to blog on something that just isn’t fully me yet. But I’m hopefuly to work on it soon!!!

In the meantime I’m getting uber exciting about Janel’s Journal for a Cause!!!! Tonight we’re having a chat to meet everyone and, hopefully, I’ll be able to join at some point!!

Already have my supplies, I just need to decorate my journal (which is just a hardback sketch notebook).

In the meantime…I’m at work helping customer’s alleviate their vast issues with their account 🙂 It’s great times…

I would rather be at home with my hubby watching this movie:

It’s my favorite!!!!!

Journaling Challenge

Well, I’ve never actually done a journaling challenge, but I just signed up for Janel’s 30 day Journaling for a Cause challenge that begins on July 26th!!! Two reasons I joined this challenge:

1) to get a jumpstart to get my creative juices flowing again after being dormant for so long

2) to support her upcoming adoption (adoption is very dear to my heart)

So please sign up over at her etsy and of course be sure to check out her super cool blog!!! She’s one talented, journaling fanatic!!!


I do follow A LOT of blogs. I think I could easily spend an entire day just following all the blogs I love lol

Anyhoo, today I read Elsie’s blog post and it was extremely expiring. It’s perfect for just starting a new blog! Even if you’ve had a blog for awhile I definitely recommend reading it!

Here it is!!

The Beginning…

Hello everyone!!! My name is Felicia and this is my brand new blog. I am not new to the blogging world, but, due to life getting in the way the past couple of years, I have not been able to keep up with it.

Bottom line this blog is for my Craft World which I love so much! I do love scrapbooking, but lately I’ve really been interested in pursuing all kinds of sewing projects.

I love to meet new friends so please feel free to comment with your blog site so I can follow you as well! Please also be patient, because this blog is currently under construction and will most definitly look better in the near future!
In the meantime, y’all come back now ya, hear!!!